Ishan Kishan

BCCI To Make Playing 3-4 Ranji Trophy Games Mandatory For IPL Participation After Ishan Kishan Fiasco.

Ishan Kishan, the wicketkeeper and batter from Jharkhand, might have to play more traditional cricket matches, not just the IPL. This is because the people in charge of Indian cricket might make a rule that says players have to play a certain number of Ranji Trophy games if they want to be in the IPL.

They’ve told Kishan to play in Jharkhand’s last game against Rajasthan. This is because he didn’t play in many games before, saying he was tired from traveling. This made some important people in Indian cricket upset.

Kishan is practicing for the IPL with his Mumbai Indians teammate Hardik Pandya, instead of playing for Jharkhand. This has made people think that young players care more about the IPL than other cricket.

The Indian Cricket Board is not happy with young players skipping the traditional cricket season. They might make a rule that says players have to play some Ranji Trophy games before they can play in the IPL.

Some players don’t want to play traditional cricket if they’re not in the Indian team. They might only play T20 games and skip the rest. The board might make a rule to stop this.

Even the people in charge of the Indian team are upset with players who don’t want to play traditional cricket. They understand if someone like Hardik Pandya can’t play because of his body, but they don’t like it when players always have an excuse.

We’ll see if Kishan goes back to play for Jharkhand. There’s no talk yet about taking away his contract with the cricket board.

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