Chennai Super Kings

Etihad to sponsor Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2024.

Chennai, the lively capital city of Tamil Nadu, has recently witnessed a major development. The Chennai Super Kings, a famous cricket team, have found their new sponsor in Etihad Airways – the leading airline of the UAE.

The grand presentation took place at Kalaivanar Arangam, where about two thousand enthusiastic fans gathered for this memorable occasion. This was an historic event for both Etihad Airways and Chennai Super Kings.

There were the club’s officials and players who wore brand new jerseys with Etihad Airways’ logo on them. Even more excitement was added to that night due to fact that players also shared stage with cabin crew from Etihad. It was a proud and unforgettable moment for everyone involved.

In addition to being just sponsors for Chennai Super Kings, partnering with Etihad Airlines means much more than that. As they look forward cheering on their team throughout the forthcoming season, there is lots of excitement awaiting Chennai Super Kings community because of various thrilling activities curated, promotions as well as exclusive events arranged by Etihad.

Etihad’s impact will be evident at various Chennai Super Kings events and platforms, including their presence on the team’s jerseys. Fans can also expect engaging activities and unbeatable deals organized by Etihad during events and matches. It’s an exciting time for all Chennai Super Kings supporters.

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