IPL 2024

IPL 2024 Will Be Played In India Or Abroad? IPL Chairman Provides a Huge Update.

Not only in India but cricket fans all around the world are excited for the start date of the Indian Premier League 2024. While the schedule is yet not revealed, Arun Singh Dhumal, the chairman of IPL has offered a major update regarding the tournament. 

In December, it was said that the IPL 2024 schedule would only come out after the Home Ministry and the Election Commission of India gave clear information about the timing of the General Elections.

According to INS, the chairman of IPL, Arun Singh Dhumal has said, “We will work with the Indian government, and agencies to make sure that the league takes place in India. We are waiting for the schedule of the general election to be announced and then we will plan accordingly…like which state will host what game at the time of election will be planned that way.”

He also added,” It (IPL) will most likely start from March end… and general elections are in April, so we will work it out with the help of the government.”

A BCCI official who was present at the meeting between the governing council and representatives of some franchises, asserted, “We had discussions around the IPL schedule and we have no option but to wait for a word from the Home Ministry and Election Commission of India on the polling schedule for General Elections, which is likely to be around the IPL’s time.”

An official who attended the meeting also disclosed that there is a strong belief and confidence in ensuring that the tournament will be held in India.

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