Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant will play in IPL, but…’: Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting isn’t sure.

Rishabh Pant feels very sure he’ll be ready for the entire IPL. But Ricky Ponting, the coach of Delhi Capitals, isn’t sure if Pant can lead the team or play as wicketkeeper. Pant got hurt badly in a car crash, and he’s still getting better.

After the accident in December 2022, Pant didn’t play any cricket because he thought he might die.

Ponting talked about this on Wednesday in Melbourne. He just became the new coach for Washington Freedom’s MLC team. Ponting said Pant is hopeful about playing in the upcoming matches. But Ponting sees any contribution Pant makes as a bonus.

“Rishabh is really sure he’ll be ready to play. How much he’ll be able to do, we’re not exactly sure yet,” Ponting said, as reported by ‘ESPNCricinfo’.

“He’s been active on social media, showing he’s in good shape and moving well. But considering we’re just six weeks away from the first game, we’re uncertain if he’ll be able to keep wickets this year,” the former batting great added. 

Ponting’s remarks in Melbourne after he became the new MLC coach for the Washington Freedom suggested that Pant was hopeful about playing in the upcoming matches. Ponting noted that while Pant was optimistic, any additional contribution from him would be appreciated by the team.

According to ‘ESPNCricinfo’, Ponting remarked, “Rishabh is very confident that he’s going to be right to play. In what capacity we’re not quite sure yet.”

Ponting also highlighted, “You would have seen all the social-media stuff, he’s up and about and running well. But in saying that we’re only six weeks away from the first game as well. So we’re not sure if we’ll get wicket-keeping out of him this year.”

Pant was undoubtedly the biggest game-changer for India in Test cricket until a terrible crash disrupted his journey.

“If you ask him now, he’d probably say, ‘I want to play every game, keep wickets, and bat at No.4.’ That’s just how he is, but we hope for the best,” said Ponting.

“He’s a really dynamic player. He’s our captain, obviously. We really felt his absence last year,” Ponting added.

Pant was driving from Delhi to his hometown Roorkee to see his family when his car crashed into the middle of the road in December 2022. Two people managed to rescue Pant from his SUV just before it burst into flames.


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