Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma’s milestone: 22 runs away from 4000 in tests.

Captain Rohit Sharma, a really great batsman of today, is almost at another big achievement in his amazing career. He only needs 22 more runs to reach 4000 runs in Test cricket. Rohit Sharma is known as one of the best batters in all types of cricket nowadays.

When Rohit Sharma started opening in Test cricket, he showed how good he is at changing and doing things differently. He doesn’t play like everyone else. He hits the ball hard and smartly, making him strong in the longest kind of cricket match.

Rohit Sharma has already made a lot of records and won many awards in shorter cricket matches. But he’s doing really well in Test cricket too. From scoring big on his first time opening to staying strong in tough situations, he’s proven he can play well in all kinds of conditions.

As Rohit Sharma gets closer to 4000 runs in Tests, cricket fans everywhere are excited to see what’s next for him. He’s good at handling pressure and always plays really well. He’s changing what people think is excellent in cricket, and he’s leaving a big mark on the sport.

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