'His game is suited for...': Sourav Ganguly on why Delhi Capitals released Sarfaraz Khan

‘His game is suited for…’: Sourav Ganguly on why Delhi Capitals released Sarfaraz Khan

Sarfaraz Khan, the talented cricket player from India, finds himself in a tricky situation when it comes to the Indian Premier League (IPL). Even though many teams are interested in him, his future in the league isn’t certain.


Delhi Capitals let him go before the IPL 2024 auction, which puts Sarfaraz’s IPL journey in doubt. While he’s done well in local cricket matches, he hasn’t been very consistent in the IPL games.


Sourav Ganguly, who works with Delhi Capitals, explained why they decided to release Sarfaraz. Ganguly thinks Sarfaraz Khan is better suited for traditional cricket with red balls rather than the fast and short T20 games.


“He seems to be more comfortable playing five-day cricket matches. He’s done exceptionally well in domestic cricket like Ranji Trophy and other important games,” Ganguly shared with RevSportz. “When you score a lot of runs in these matches, it’s always a good thing.”


Even though nobody picked Sarfaraz during the IPL 2024 auction, his luck changed after a great game against England in Rajkot. Now, teams like Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings are interested in having him play for them. Gautam Gambhir, who helps Kolkata Knight Riders, thinks Sarfaraz could be a valuable addition to their team.


But it won’t be easy for Sarfaraz to choose a team. There’s competition from other franchises like CSK and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Because he wasn’t part of any trades after leaving Delhi Capitals, any new deal would likely happen at the last minute.

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