Mayank Agarwal

Mayank Agarwal jokingly pokes fun at himself in a recent post on X: ‘Absolutely no risk-taking.’

Mayank Agarwal had a little adventure when he mistakenly drank something he thought was water while on a flight to Agartala. He got sick because of it and ended up in the hospital. But he didn’t let it get him down. He joked about it on Twitter later.

On his next flight, he shared a picture of himself holding a water bottle. He joked, “I’m not taking any risks at all!” He was returning from a cricket match in Agartala when he got sick on a flight to New Delhi.

The Superintendent of Police of West Tripura, Kiran Kumar K, explained what happened. Mayank saw a pouch in front of him on the flight and thought it was water. So, he drank it. But it wasn’t water, and he ended up with a swollen mouth and ulcers. Luckily, he’s okay now. His manager filed a complaint about what happened, and the police are looking into it. Mayank missed one game because of this incident but was back to lead his team in the next match against Tamil Nadu.

In the cricket matches he played, Mayank scored 398 runs, which includes two centuries and two half-centuries. His team, Karnataka, did well in their group matches and is in second place. They’re getting ready to play against Vidarbha in the quarter-finals on February 23 in Nagpur.

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