Ishan Kishan

Will Ishan Kishan be allowed to play in IPL 2024?

Ishan Kishan didn’t play in the Ranji Trophy again. He usually plays cricket for Jharkhand in domestic matches. But this time, he didn’t play in the final matches that started on Friday. This made the BCCI unhappy.

Kishan likes playing in the IPL more than in the Ranji Trophy. So, the BCCI made a rule. It says players must play some Ranji Trophy games to join the IPL auction.

Deepak Chahar and Shreyas Iyer also didn’t play in the current matches. Iyer has problems with his lower back and groin.

Kishan, Chahar, and Iyer were told to play for their state teams in the Ranji Trophy.

Without Kishan, Kumar Kushagra kept wicket for Jharkhand. Jharkhand is not doing well in the Ranji Trophy. They have only won one match out of six.

Kishan didn’t play many matches after coming back from South Africa. He said he was too tired to travel. But he was seen practicing with Hardik Pandya in Baroda instead of playing for Jharkhand.

People in Indian cricket don’t like this. They think young players should focus on all types of cricket, not just the IPL.

The BCCI says contracted players must play Ranji Trophy matches. Jay Shah, the secretary, said this in Rajkot. He also said that selectors can decide what to do if a player doesn’t listen to the team’s advice.

In short, players need to listen to their team’s advice and play the matches they are asked to play.

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